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Compliance by Design, It Governance
Itsm Iron Triangle, It Governance

Reconsider how you view compliance - and your business will reap the rewards! What does 'compliance' mean to you? Is it a burden, a box-ticking exercise ... więcej

When your project is people-dependent, how do you get their buy in? Attitudes and behavior are the biggest barriers to making changes within organizations. ... więcej

Quantum Age of It (The), It Governance
Illustrating Prince2 Project Management in Real Terms, It Governance

'IT as we know it is dead.' Forces are at work that are reshaping the very fabric of the IT organization. Driven by our own history, changing perceptions ... więcej

PRINCE2® is a widely used project management method that can be tailored to any project, of any size, in any environment, by any company. If you want ... więcej

50 Top IT Project Management Challenges, It Governance
The Case for the ISO27001, It Governance

A concise guide to the top 50 IT project management challenges and how to overcome them. Project management forums highlight many of the challenges project ... więcej

What do you do to keep your business information secure? Information and information systems are vital to every organisation. Our reliance on data and ... więcej

Essential Time Management and Organisation, It Governance
Breaking the Addiction to Process, It Governance

Effective time-management techniques to revolutionise the way you work! Do you struggle to get everything done in the time you have available? Are you ... więcej

Breaking the Addiction to Process will give you a clear understanding of the way Agile works and how it can improve your business practices. It explains ... więcej

Ten Steps to ITSM Success, It Governance
ITIL Lifecycle Essentials, It Governance

You've read the books, but... A wealth of material has been written to describe the underlying mechanics of ITSM, but very little practical advice ... więcej

Taking you through the ITIL Foundation exam and beyond. ITIL is the best practice methodology for IT Service Management, developed by the UK government ... więcej

Cloud Computing Assessing the Risks, It Governance
Software Life Cycle Management Standards, It Governance

Do you trust the Cloud? Should you trust the Cloud? 'Cloud Computing' are the words on everyone's lips - it's the latest technology, the way forward. ... więcej

Those involved in software management, from the publisher/OEM and third-party reseller through to the enterprise software consumer, will benefit from the ... więcej

ISO22301, It Governance

The essentials of Business Continuity Management in a nutshell. ISO22301: A Pocket Guide will help you understand the Business Continuity international ... więcej



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