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Humor Satyra

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Horas de Bar, Abad Ana Belen Morales
We Love the Arizona Cardinals - Jokes About Our Rivals, Radowski Tom

Cuando la vulgaridad te envuelve en la barra de un bar, lo mejor es convertirlo en algo creativo, como este libro, una recopilación de sentencias ... więcej

We Love the Arizona Cardinals, this book includes the funniest Laugh Out Loud jokes about football and our rivals. The perfect gift for real Cardinal fans.

Intelligent Life on Earth? the Search Continues, Cohea Barbara
Lost in Blunderland, Lewis Caroline

A collection that puts a comic twist on the common everyday craziness, outrageous nonsense,, and almost unbelievable stupidities that make up our human ... więcej

Caroline Lewis is a pen-name, that of the team of Edward Harold Begbie, J. Stafford Ransome, and M. H. Temple, who wrote two novels dealing with British ... więcej

Romantic Dreams, Maybruck
The Unabashed Wordgame Dictionary for Cheaters, Quam Ryan

This wordgame dictionary provides a list of over 1.5 million unique letter combinations of up to seven letters that can be used as words in various wordgames. ... więcej

Love Steenx, Chicken Doodle Soup
The Angry Professor's Guide to College Etiquette and Coloring Book, The Angry Professor

Meet Napoleon Steenx. He’s a young man attempting to attain just the right female companion for himself. But in his fruitless efforts to change ... więcej

With candor, wit, and footnotes, The Angry Professor gives students the do's and don'ts of college etiquette. Drawing on more than a decade's worth of ... więcej

The Homeowner's Guide to Greatness, Cox Jocelyn Jane
700 Limericks & How to Write Them, Clark William

Owning a home is a constant adventure filled with infinite challenges. To succeed, it's important to keep an open mind and to think creatively. In these ... więcej

The Limerick Philosophy: These limericks are written for fun, And shouldn't offend anyone. They makes your brain wriggle, And give you a giggle, Then often ... więcej

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