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ksiazka tytuł: The decay of capitalist civilisation autor: Webb Sidney

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The decay of capitalist civilisation

Wersja papierowa
Autor: Webb Sidney
Wydawnictwo: Trieste Publishing Pty Ltd
ISBN: 978-06-490-0352-5
Format: 15.6x23.4cm
Liczba stron: 202
Oprawa: Miękka
Wydanie: 2018 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny
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<p><b>About the Book</b></p> <p>Books about Civilization are concerned with the development of structured societies that grow to require urban planning, develop social and cultural elites, and forms of writing for record keeping, complex organization and transfer of ideas. Almost invariably, the process of civilization results in the growth of empires, and subjugation of less civilized peoples. Titles include: Ancient Man: The Beginning of Civilizations, Syllabus: Introduction to the History of European Civilization, Evolution and Culture, The Pivot of Civilization, The Western Hemisphere Idea: Its Rise and Decline, The decay of capitalist civilisation, and The fate of empires; being an inquiry into the stability of civilisation.</p><p><strong>About us</strong></p><p><strong>Trieste Publishing</strong>&rsquo;s&nbsp;aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and non-fiction literature that has stood the test of time.&nbsp;&nbsp;Our titles are produced from scans of the original books and as a result may sometimes have imperfections.&nbsp;&nbsp;To ensure a high-quality product we have:</p>
<li>thoroughly reviewed every page of all the books in the catalog</li>
<li>repaired some of the text in some cases, and</li>
<li>rejected titles that are not of the highest quality.</li>

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