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Olas, Torres José Ramón
Olas Bestseller
26,10 zł 24,80 zł

"De este país lo que hay que hacer es irse de una vez." Ángel nunca se habría imaginado en una situación así: hambriento, extenuado y con la duda de si sobrevivirá un día más. Pero el futuro de su familia no tiene precio. Olas sumerge al lector en un mundo de dominó, ron, puros habanos, sexo, drogas y boleros, a la vez que traza un paralelismo entre tres episodios de éxodo cubano a Estados Unidos. Un libro sobre Cuba que no toma partido con izquierdas ni derechas, sino con gente ... więcej

From Time to Time, Finney Jack
From Time to Time Bestseller
74,70 zł 71,00 zł
The Time Machine, Wells H. G.
The Time Machine Bestseller
18,30 zł 17,40 zł

The legendary and groundbreaking classic novella of British author H.G. Wells that has inspired generations of science fiction and time travel enthusiasts for over a century.

Daily Planner (Mini Edition), Publishing LLC Speedy

A daily planner has a number of different uses, and can be an excellent purchase for anyone from a student to a CEO. Keeping a planner everyday can help you keep track of things you need to do, make sure you arrive at meetings and appointments on time, and help you make plans for future events.

Meditations, Aurelius Marcus
Meditations Bestseller
13,00 zł 12,30 zł

Unabridged private reflections of the Emperor of Rome, on how one is to exist in a world of chaos. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and in the most accepted translation by George Long, is a book that belongs on everyone’s shelf. A favorite of Bill Clinton and John Steinbeck, and influencer of many others for 2,000 years, it is as relevant today to those in power struggles over empires and boardrooms as it was when it was first recorded.  This Value Classic Reprint provides a slim volume with full text at an affordable price.

De Re Metallica, Agricola Georgius
De Re Metallica Bestseller
124,70 zł 118,50 zł

2014 Reprint of Original 1950 Edition. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Originally published in 1556, Agricola's "De Re Metallica" was the first book on mining to be based on field research and observation--what today we would call the "scientific method." It was therefore the first book to offer detailed technical drawings to illustrate the various specialized techniques of the many branches of mining, and the first to provide a realistic history of mining from antiquity to 1556. In 1912, the ... więcej

Market Research in Practice, Hague Paul

Lively and accessible, Market Research in Practice is a practical introduction to market research tools, approaches and issues. Providing a clear, step-by-step guide to the whole process - from planning and executing a project through to analysis and presenting the findings - it explains how to use tools and methods effectively and obtain the most reliable results. This fully updated second edition of Market Research in Practice features new chapters on the uses of market research (new product development research, market assessment, customer journey research ... więcej

Hamlet, Shakespeare William
Hamlet Bestseller
48,50 zł 46,10 zł

Hamlet is one of the most powerful and influential tragedies in English literature today, and was one of Shakespeare's most popular works during his lifetime. The play vividly portrays both true and feigned madness – from overwhelming grief to seething rage – and explores themes of treachery, revenge, incest, and moral corruption.

MBA Fundamentals Accounting and Finance, Griffin Michael P.

How do you make sense of the accounting report or balance sheet you’ve just been handed? How do these reports help you to understand the company’s performance? How do you use the numbers you have been given to make good business decisions in the short- and long-term? MBA Fundamentals in Accounting and Finance offers real-world accounting and finance basics that can be applied today. In the business world, we are frequently called on to review and analyze financial data. This convenient and straightforward guide offers everything you need ... więcej

Książka kucharska-Dieta optymalna-700 przepisów, Kwaśniewski Jan, Kwaśniewski Tomasz
Towar czasowo niedostępny

Książka zawiera informacje o diecie optymalnej oraz o jej wpływie na organizm człowieka a także 700 przepisów kulinarnych.

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