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Pattern Fitting and Alteration for Beginners, Gallagher Mae
Mirada de los docentes frente a las culturas juveniles, Lizarraga Alejandra Beatriz

Are you tired of constantly buying new clothes when you become bored with your old garments, or when they become damaged? Have you recently noticed ... więcej

La investigación educativa comienza con una hipótesis basada en la subjetividad del docente frente a clases con adolescentes de culturas ... więcej

Stellar Eclipse, Roselin Avalon
Black Dawn, Lee Steve N

Murder is no unusual phenomenon in Marina Delta, a fact former investigators Baltan and Eureka know all too well. But when Eureka brings home a wounded ... więcej

She'd turned her back on killing. But killing hadn't turned its back on her. ★★★★★ "One of the best series I have read. ... więcej

Coherent Christianity, Roy Louis
Hands-On Design Patterns with C++, Pikus Fedor G.

Throughout this book, Louis Roy illustrates his conviction that Christianity consists in the most profound experience to which human beings are invited ... więcej

A comprehensive guide with extensive coverage on concepts such as OOP, functional programming, generic programming, and STL along with the latest features ... więcej

Apologia Pro Vita Sua, Newman Cardinal John Henry
Vendetta, Corelli Marie

This book contains John Henry Newman's 1864 treatise, "Apologia Pro Vita Sua". It is the seminal defense of the author's religious beliefs. It formed a ... więcej

After a brief illness and premature death, an Italian man returns home to find his deceitful wife in the arms of his former best friend. This shocking ... więcej

The Old Curiosity Shop, Dickens Charles
Of Flame and Fate, Robson Cecy

"The greatest writer of his time."-Edmund Wilson "One of the great poets of the novel, a genius of his art"-Edgar Johnson "His characters are marvelous ... więcej

“I definitely recommend this series for lovers of all things paranormal and awesome.'—USA Today Taran Wird, who commands the power to wield ... więcej

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