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The Niagara Frontier, Marshall O. H.
Man in Search of Himself, Charon Jean

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia ... więcej

Man, it will be objected, is a living being, and therefore belongs in the first place to the domain of the biologist; but he is also a thinking being, ... więcej

Improvisations in Creative Drama, Keller Betty
Lip Balm, Moore Kitty

This versatile text gives you two books in one!  The first half of the book is composed of an ordered sequence of two dozen workshops in Creative ... więcej

Make your own lip balm at home even if you have never done it before!   Imagine having a full list of 35 different lip balm types and flavors ... więcej

A-5 Vigilante Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions, Navy U.S.
A Barren Stage, de Lacey Davidson Matthew

North American's A-5 Vigilante served for nearly two decades as an all-weather supersonic strike aircraft and reconnaissance platform. An outgrowth of ... więcej

Matthew de Lacey Davidson has written poems, plays, short stories, and two novels in a variety of styles and genres. This volume incorporates a new cycle ... więcej

Elementary Encyclopedia of Statistics-Vol-VI, Subramanyam Vanaparthi
A Prayer for the Dead, Banis Victor J.

The book explains the terminology/ concepts/phrases used frequently in Statistics from T-series to Z-series with the features listed below for readers ... więcej

A Tom and Stanley Mystery Does murder follow Tom and Stanley around, or do they follow the murders? ... więcej

A Cdss Mechanism for Supporting Diagnosis of Fevers, Pandey Shilpa
The Greatest Business in the World, Aspley J. C.

Today computer science has revolutionized our world and computers have become vital component of our life.It made easy for us to analyze and diagnose the ... więcej

Never before in the history of the world has any group of men held the opportunity to serve their communities and to serve their countries as is offered ... więcej

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