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Radioactivity levels of basic foodstuffs and dose estimates in Sudan, Hemada Hatem
German Immigrants, Wolfert Marion

The studies of radionuclide distributions in foodstuffs and the environment provide vital radiological baseline information. This is essential in understanding ... więcej

Owing to the total destruction of the original Bremen passenger lists, the fourth volume of German Immigrants, like the others in the series, is the only ... więcej

Shorshei Ha-Shemot - Roots of the Names - Tome 2 of 5, Zacuto Moshe
Managing Active Object Scalability on Distributed Memory, Rischbeck Thomas

Shorshei Ha-Shemot is considered the most authoritative compilation about Kabbalah Ma'asit (practical Kabbalah), and a standard reference for meditation ... więcej

The de-facto standard for programming distributed memory parallel architectures are the PVM and MPI message passing libraries. Their low level of abstraction ... więcej

Archivo de Historia de la Filosofía (Classic Reprint), Martín Alfredo Bonilla y San
Let Go, Let the River, Guelker Bob

Excerpt from Archivo de Historia de la Filosofía Lejos de ser un tratado sistemático acerca de las causas primeras de los fenómenos ... więcej

Let Go, Let the River , the second book in the Canoes in Winter series, will have readers wondering if Sam and Sally can ever reunite. Soon, although ... więcej

Charlotte Mary Yonge, Romanes Ethel
Instructions for reforesting land, Pettis C. R.

Excerpt from Charlotte Mary Yonge: An Appreciation This little book is not intended to rival or super sede Miss Coleridge's larger Life. What the writer ... więcej

Trieste Publishing has a massive catalogue of classic book titles. Our aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and ... więcej

The Chaplain, Vol. 28, Chaplains General Commission on
Boy Midflight, David Charlie

Excerpt from The Chaplain, Vol. 28: A Journal for Chaplains Serving the Armed Forces, Veterans Administration and Civil Air Patrol; January-February 1971 ... więcej

2nd Edition At eighteen, Ashley seems to have everything: looks, talent, and even a girlfriend. What more could a young man want? Yet something ... więcej

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