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Pudd'nhead Wilson, Twain Mark
Pudd'nhead Wilson
129,50 zł 123,00 zł
The Ethics of George Eliot's Works (Classic Reprint), Brown John Crombie

Pudd'nhead Wilson. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. ... więcej

Excerpt from The Ethics of George Eliot's Works A preface to the third edition contains also this extract from her letter to a friend of the deceased ... więcej

Manual of Silviculture for Selected Trees in Sudan - Exotic Species, Badi Kamal

This manual embodies information on the silviculture and management practices of some selected exotic tree species and shrubs introduced into the Sudan ... więcej

Set against the background of Hungary's rich peasant culture and rigid class divisions, spanning the years from 1880 to 1944, Anna & Elizabeth tells ... więcej

The Pope's Green Island (Classic Reprint), Ryan W. P.
Philosophy and Life, Muirhead John H.

Excerpt from The Pope's Green Island And of course earlier trends and historic facts and factors that bore directly upon them came into the review. Trying ... więcej

Excerpt from Philosophy and Life: And Other Essays Ethics and Social Philosophy in London, the most common Objection that the promoters had to meet was ... więcej

The Wedding day, a Comedy, Inchbald Mrs.
Fibromyalgia, Bigelow Stacie

The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing ... więcej

A Primary Mental Arithmetic, or the Arabic Arithmetical Alphabet, and the Elementary Numerical Tables, Newman W. W.
Permanence and Evolution, Bouverie-Pusey S. E. B.

Excerpt from A Primary Mental Arithmetic, or the Arabic Arithmetical Alphabet, and the Elementary Numerical Tables: Designed to Make Beginners in Arithmetic ... więcej

Excerpt from Permanence and Evolution: An Inquiry Into the Supposed Mutability of Animal Types At first these doubts only attached them selves to the ... więcej

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