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Polish Fairy Tales,
Polish Fairy Tales
51,00 zł 48,40 zł
THE WEALTH, Marman Richard

Herein are classic folklore selections from a large collection made by A. J. Glinski in 1862. These fairy tales come from a far and distant past and may ... więcej

From the pen of Richard Marman, an exceptional Viking Coming of Age YA novel. A Viking Epic , with nothing but high adventure between the covers. While ... więcej

POSIE PIXIE AND THE SNOWSTORM - Book 6 in the Whimsy Wood Series - Hardback, Hill Sarah
Folk Tales of Bengal, Day Behari

It's January in Whimsy Wood and Posie Pixie's just made two new friends! Come and meet Violet Vole and her best friend Sonny Shrew (the coolest dude in ... więcej

Bengali folklore constitutes a considerable portion of Bengali literature. In Bengali society, as with most ancient societies, folk literature became a ... więcej

35,10 zł 33,30 zł
Asgard Stories - Stories from Norse Mythology,

Herein you will find 10 tales from the tiny island archipelago of Zanzibar - "THE SPICE ISLANDS" of old. Stories like "THE KITES AND THE CROWS" - which ... więcej

A GREAT READ FOR KIDS! In this volume you will find 14 of the most popular Norse Myths and Tales rewritten especially for children. Tales and stories ... więcej

Divorce by Murder, Hayward Terry
Raemaekers Cartoons of the Great War Vol. 1,

A South African crime boss institutes divorce proceedings against his wife who defends the action. Later, she is found shot dead in her apartment and the ... więcej

Throughout history cartoons can have had a powerful psychological, emotional, and political impact. One hundred years before WWI, Napoleon is reported ... więcej

POSIE PIXIE AND THE LOST MATCHBOX - Book 2 in the Whimsy Wood Series (Hardcover), Hill Sarah
Shan Folklore Stories from the Hill and Water Country of Burma,

WINNER of the READER'S FAVORITE 5 STAR BOOK AWARD! ' Having settled in to Whimsy Wood and found her quirky copper kettle house in book 1, Posie now finds ... więcej

These stories have been taken from the great mass of unwritten lore that is to the boys and girls of the Shan mountain country of Burma what "Rapunzel" ... więcej

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