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Songs of Kabir (Classic Reprint), Tagore Rabindranath
Tales and Poems South India, Robinson Edward Jewitt

Excerpt from Songs of Kabir A great religious reformer, the founder of a sect to which nearly a million northern Hindus still belong, it is yet supremely ... więcej

Excerpt from Tales and Poems South India: From the Tamil IN this volume is presented, with much diffidence, an improved and enlarged edition of Tamil ... więcej

Algebraic Equations (Classic Reprint), Mathews George Ballard
International Law, Vol. 2, Westlake John

Excerpt from Algebraic Equations College of North Wales, for helping me by verifying some long cal culations which had to be made in connexion with Art. ... więcej

Excerpt from International Law, Vol. 2: War And the conventions that issued from it, and what relates to the Declaration of London which has supplemented ... więcej

Strength of Materials, Maurer Edward R.
1896 Illustrated General Catalogue of the Buffalo Horizontal and Upright Steam Engines, Mechanical Draft Fans and Apparatus, Steel Plate Steam and Pulley Fans, Fan System of Heating, Ventilating Fans, Blowers and Exhausters (Classic Reprint), Company Buffalo Forge

Excerpt from Strength of Materials: A Comprehensive Presentation of Scientific Methods of Locating and Determining Stresses and Calculating the Required ... więcej

Excerpt from 1896 Illustrated General Catalogue of the Buffalo Horizontal and Upright Steam Engines, Mechanical Draft Fans and Apparatus, Steel Plate Steam ... więcej

Theodor Leschetizky (Classic Reprint), Hullah Annette
Hokusai, Strange Edward Fairbrother

Excerpt from Theodor Leschetizky In spite Of such troubles, his progress was extraordinary. In four years he was ready to play in public, and made his ... więcej

Excerpt from Hokusai: The Old Man Mad With Painting HE following essay is, so far as its facts go, necessarily a compilation from the works of other writers ... więcej

The Art of the Book, Holme Charles
Debit and Credit, Vol. 1 of 2 (Classic Reprint), Freytag Gustav

Excerpt from The Art of the Book: A Review of Some Recent European and American Work in Typography, Page Decoration and Binding HE Editor desires to express ... więcej

Excerpt from Debit and Credit, Vol. 1 of 2 The author, a man about fifty years of age, and by birth a Silesian, is editor of the Grenz-bote (border Messenger. ... więcej

A History of Science, Vol. 1 of 5, Williams Henry Smith
Blair Athol, Vol. 3 of 3, Blinkhoolie Blinkhoolie

Excerpt from A History of Science, Vol. 1 of 5: The Beginnings of Science Pythagoras the boxer, p. I 12 - Pythagoras the philosopher, p. 1 I 3 Greek philosophers ... więcej

Excerpt from Blair Athol, Vol. 3 of 3: A Novel People who endeavoured to solve the pro blem were simply obliged to give it up. The matter seemed fairly ... więcej

The Taming of the Shrew (Classic Reprint), Shakespeare William
Lessons in Haitian Creole, Medical Gendarmerie D'ha?ti Service

Excerpt from The Taming of the Shrew The Date of Shakespeare's Adaptation. T he Taming of The Shrew is not mentioned by Mertes in I 598; unless. About ... więcej

Excerpt from Lessons in Haitian Creole: With Some Information Regarding the Republic of Haiti This booklet should be used as a supg plement and guide ... więcej

Edvard Grieg (Classic Reprint), Finck Henry Theophilus
The Highlanders of the South, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint), Thompson Samuel Hunter

Excerpt from Edvard Grieg TO the question, who is the most original and poetic of living com posers, there can to-day be but one answer Edvard Grieg. ... więcej

Excerpt from The Highlanders of the South, Vol. 1 IN the gathering of materials for this brief ac count the writer has sought to strike a happy medium ... więcej

Performance Evaluation Metrics for Information Systems Development, Banker Rajiv D.
The Life of Shakespeare, Wilder Daniel W.

Excerpt from Performance Evaluation Metrics for Information Systems Development: A Principal-Agent Model In order to provide incentives for the agent ... więcej

Excerpt from The Life of Shakespeare: Copied From the Best Sources, Without Comment Mr. Halliwell-phillipps says the name Shakespeare probably arose in ... więcej

Through the Unknown Pamirs, Olufsen O.
Love and Freindship, Austen Jane

Excerpt from Through the Unknown Pamirs: The Second Danish Pamir Expedition, 1898-99 The First and Second Danish Expeditions to Pamir, whereof this book ... więcej

Excerpt from Love and Freindship: And Other Early Works Jane Austen left everything she possessed to her sister Cassandra, including these and other manuscripts; ... więcej

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