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Original Wisdom, Bond Donna
Change Your Mindset / Save Your Child, Barren Doris

It's time to let Spirit Girl out of the closet.   Now is the time to rewrite the story of not being good enough and reclaim your Authentic Self. ... więcej

Join the author as she makes a case for the impact our mindset has on our lives. As we grow into adulthood, our mindset is influenced and nurtured by ... więcej

Luchando por la vida... Mi historia, Sierra Clarita
Succeeding In Your Position, Seymour Drexwell

Contrariamente a la idea de que son los padres los que dejan un legado a los hijos, en este libro, es Alex, a través de su historia, el que le ... więcej

Succeeding in Your Position is a sequel to my first book Rise Up and Take Your Position. It focuses on the steps to be successful in your position and ... więcej

Four Loop Learning, Cancalosi Bob
Beyond Physician Engagement, Kasti Mo

Today's leaders live in an extremely challenging world with the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, global warming, and so many violations of Social ... więcej

Imagine a world of healthcare where physicians are engaged and contributing at their full intellectual capacity. A world where physicians and their teams ... więcej

Living Beyond, Clyde Clemmie-Li
The Fathers Walk, Bernstein Margaret

April 20, 2017, revealed painful, horrific truths amidst that life-shattering night pierced by red and blue lights. Awakening in a never-ending nightmare ... więcej

This is the third book in Margaret Bernstein's series of read-aloud stories, all of which depict a fun day spent by a father and his child. The book ... więcej

Cannabis, Meade Anna May
Knox Warrior, Amaya S. E.

Mary has metastatic breast cancer and wanted to know if cannabis could help. She asked her sister Anna, who taught chemical safety and knew all about ... więcej

Being born in the royal family can be stressful, as the outside world always watches and judges every move being made inside the castle walls. And for ... więcej

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