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Theology of Hope, Moltmann Jurgen
Opening Prayers,

One of the most important books to have emerged out of recent Protestant theology. Causing a considerable stir when it was first published in 1965, the ... więcej

This much-praised and strikingly beautiful collection of prayers offers a satisfying resource to all who are looking for collects in a contemporary idiom. ... więcej

Guide to the Parochial Registers and Records Measure 1978, Church House Publishing
Mission on the Road to Emmaus,

This guide is aimed at those who have care of parish records and updated in the light of experience of operating the Measure. It includes information about ... więcej

Cathy Ross and Steve Bevans are two of the biggest names in the study of mission and missiology worldwide. Cathy is director of OxCEPT at Ripon College ... więcej

George MacKay Brown, Ferguson Ron
The World That Shaped the New Testament, Roetzel Calvin

Enigmatic - mysterious - intriguing: George Mackay Brown was a notoriously private man. He rarely left his native Orkney, and yet became one of the 20th ... więcej

Already known from his clear and succinct guide The Letters of Paul, Professor Roetzel here brings the same approach to the New Testament world. In little ... więcej

I Have My Doubts, Kuitert H. M.
Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry, Dadswell David
Twelve New Testament Studies, Robinson John A. T.
The Practice of Faith, Rahner Karl
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