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Zen and the Art of Making a Morris Chair, Gafner Randy
She Confessed, Didn't She?, Matt Ryan T.

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE CHAIR. Recalibrate your work/life balance through the meditative process and mindful practice of making the objects in your ... więcej

CAN IT BE, SHE’S INNOCENT? All are shocked when the bride, Vera Li, goes missing on her wedding day, especially Gloria, her grandmother, who’s ... więcej

Autism - A Family Journey, Rasmussen Cindy
Indian Country Stylebook (2016), Walker Richard

This is a story about one family's journey with an autistic family member, Steven; as told by his mother.  It is also Steven's story from ... więcej

Fully reviewed guide containing: More than 100 entries Briefing on American Indian Law Briefing on News-gathering in Indian Country Directory ... więcej

True Stories By Grandpa, Abshire David
Ferry Findings, McDonough-Wachtman Susan

These 33 short stories are a delight to Children's Imaginations with Laughter, Mystery, Surprise, and sometimes even Sadness. Visualize your ... więcej

Ferry Findings by Susan McDonough is an anthology which will be published by  Kitsap Publishing  in late summer 2016. It is a ... więcej

Putting Your Pet First, Sleasman John S.
Trapped Behind The Iron Curtain, Patos Marita

What is it like to have a seriously ill, beloved pet and not be able to afford needed veterinary care?  Today, the majority of all pet owners are ... więcej

In her second improved edition of her biography, Marita Patos writes about her life in East-Berlin, the heart of a former dictator ... więcej

Risen From The Depths, Lamont Ronald
Revenge of the Banker's Daughter, Ryan Matt T.

When a fishing trawler out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hauls in its largest load in weeks, the crew is ill-prepared for the unveiling of their ... więcej

This super-engaging thriller couldn’t be more topical and timely. Author T. Matt Ryan, inspired from his observations and experiences in politics ... więcej

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