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Coaching youth soccer in England, Earnden Dave
This Congregation Here Present, Cowan Andrew S.

Through the analysis of systematic observation of youth football coaches, the purpose of this study was to determine if there were any relationships between ... więcej

Are all curates chumps? Certainly that would seem to be the case here. Add into the mix a loony bishop; an imperious huntswoman; a criminally-inclined ... więcej

The History of Boughton Lodge and the Surrounding Area, Robert Evans John
The Legacy of MacGyver Unofficial and Unauthorized, Hasan Mila

I moved into an apartment in Boughton Lodge some years ago and soon became curious about its history and former occupants. During my research I discovered ... więcej

Containing all seven season episodes, and the two MacGyver movies, background information and comprehensive biography of Richard Dean Anderson. A must ... więcej

Grounded, Franklin Paul
El chico de los ojos verdes, Matoses Miguel

Let's face it, the Old Testament is just plain confusing. Most youth groups just don't know how to make sense of it, how it all fits together. GROUNDED ... więcej

Cuando Arturo, profesor universitario de 45 años, despierta una tarde de domingo junto a David, un alumno veinteañero de irresistibles ojos ... więcej

Nomadi Pensieri, Trezza Rosario

Viaggio nel relativismo dei sentimenti umani, dei principi, dei valori, delle diversità, delle paure e delle debolezze umane. Partendo dall'amore ... więcej

A colour and read book age 4 - 6 years. For adults and children to learn how a smile can brighten their day and smile for miles and miles.

Four Radical Voices, Baker Dr Ken
Soundings, Dunne Rod
67,80 zł 64,40 zł

During the 18th Century, or rather overlapping it somewhat, four radical voices spoke out in Bandon, County Cork, creating a strong impression that has ... więcej

What becomes of a deep space explorer once a long-settled land is reached? Astronaut Linien Primae arrives on Aesop, a human colony 4000 years in the making. ... więcej

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