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Patterns for Successful IT Project Management, Daniel Kenneth
Spanish-Beginner's Step by Step Course to Quickly Learning, Michaels Steven J.

This book is a result of 20 years of managing software development. Over this period the author has managed scores of projects with hundreds of developers ... więcej

Revised, Expanded & Updated! This book now includes sample short stories to make your learning even easier plus a number of new resources have been added ... więcej

Hexagradior - The Bible of Magic, Nemo

There are many books on the subject of magic, but Hexagradior is different. While other books quote rituals, spells and traditions, Hexagradior text explains ... więcej

This book is my take on the Foota Hype UFO situation. Bunny Wailer's comment on Rita Marley and the $25 million pound injection into Jamaica to build a ... więcej

Call it MS, Johnson Adrian A C
Listening Still, Hoover Melanie

An inspirational perspective on living with illness and taking the new circumstances of a reduced quality of life positively amidst trying days. The sincere ... więcej

In her previous book LISTENING FOR HIS VOICE, Melanie Hoover presented a full year of daily devotions. LISTENING STILL offers further meditations from ... więcej

Random Sample, Smith G. Stewart
Gladly's Magic, PRICE ELLEN ANN
QoS en routers y switches Cisco, Marqués Guillermo
Flames of Passion, Anastasia Demetrios

Completa guía sobre calidad de servicio (QoS) en redes de datos y voz y su implememntación sobre máquinas Cisco. Se recomienda tener ... więcej

Among life forces, one force has remained the most inscrutable: passionate erotic love. Philosophers have spent lifetimes pondering the attraction between ... więcej

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