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Dante and the Victorians, Milbank Alison
The Politics of Regicide in England 1760-1850, Poole Steve

In this ground-breaking book, Alison Milbank explains why a comprehension of the Victorian reception of Dante is essential for a full understanding of ... więcej

This lively and accessible book reappraises the often complex relationship between British monarchs and some of their more troublesome subjects in the ... więcej

Genre and Performance,
Piercing the Bamboo Curtain, Lumbers Michael

Looking at contemporary film and television, this book explores how popular genres frame our understanding of on-screen performance. It brings together ... więcej

This is the first comprehensive study of U.S. policy toward China during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, a critical phase of the Cold War immediately ... więcej

The French army 1750-1820, Blaufarb Rafe
Edward the Second, Forker Charles

This book examines the transformation of the French military profession during the momentous period that saw the death of royal absolutism, the rise and ... więcej

The introduction to this edition contains an analysis of the first quarto (including new evidence of its original dating) and a reconsideration of the ... więcej

Acts and Apparitions, Tomlin Elizabeth
Georges Melies, Ezra Elizabeth

Acts and apparitions examines how new performance practices from the 1990s to the present day have been driven by questions of the real and the ensuing ... więcej

Before the turn of the twentieth century, before the nickelodeon, even before the first cinemas, Georges Méliès began making movies.. Directing ... więcej

Water and fire, Anlezark Daniel
African Pasts, Woods Tim

Noah's Flood is one of the Bible's most popular stories, and flood myths survive in many cultures today. This book presents the first comprehensive examination ... więcej

'A people who do not preserve their memory are a people who have forfeited their history.' So argues Wole Soyinka, in his book The Burden of Memory, the ... więcej

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