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My Inventions, Tesla Nikola
My Life and Work - An Autobiography of Henry Ford, Ford Henry

"The progressive development of man is virtually dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain." Nikola Tesla, ... więcej

Henry Ford spent most of his life making headlines, good, bad, but never indifferent. Celebrated as both a technological genius and a folk hero, Ford was ... więcej

The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud Sigmund
Adventures in Remote Parts of the Upper Amazon River, Including a Sojourn Among Cannibal Indians, Lange Algot

In this book Sigmund Freud has attempted to expound the methods and results of dream-interpretation; and in so doing he does not think he overstepped the ... więcej

It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a more hospitable and generous nation than the Brazilian. The recollection of my trip through the wilds of ... więcej

Orthodoxy, Chesterton G. K.
The Devil's Dictionary, Bierce Ambrose

This book is meant to be a companion to "Heretics," and to put the positive side in addition to the negative. Many critics complained of the book called ... więcej

"The Devil's Dictionary" was begun in a weekly paper in 1881.In this book, Ambrose Bierce skewers far more than the world of politics, but it is the political ... więcej

Tao Te Ching, Lao-Tzu
The Age of Reason, Paine Thomas

The Tao Te Ching was written in China roughly 2,500 years ago at about the same time when Buddha expounded the Dharma in India and Pythagoras taught in ... więcej

Thomas Paine who was a dynamic philosophical presence in the American Revolution of 1776 wrote his last book in 1795 on an investigation and commentary ... więcej

Epicoene, The Silent Woman, Johnson Ben
The Influence Of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783, Mahan Alfred Thayer

The play takes place in London. Morose, a wealthy old man with an obsessive hatred of noise, has made plans to disinherit his nephew Dauphine by marrying. ... więcej

The history of Sea Power is largely, though by no means solely, a narrative of contests between nations, of mutual rivalries, of violence frequently culminating ... więcej

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