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Reactive Oxygen Species, Antioxidants and Polyphenols, Karan Maninder
Biogeografia y Conservacion de Las Polillas Avispa de Mexico, Hern Ndez Baz Fernando

Antioxidants have attracted immense interest of researchers because of their implied role in the protection of biological systems. Though all living organisms ... więcej

El profundo desconocimiento en la mayoría de los grupos de mariposas nocturnas o polillas en México, nos ha conducido a estudiarlas con mayor ... więcej

Fighting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on All Fronts, Sharkey Kaitlin
Combinatorics in sample surveys vis-a-vis controlled selection, Gupta V. K.

The United States needs a long-term counterterrorism strategy in Yemen. Three years in, the faltering Yemeni transition threatens to fall apart in the ... więcej

This book is concerned with the applications of combinatorics to survey sampling with special reference to controlled sampling. The use of combinatorics ... więcej

Ensino a distância, Fraga Claudia
Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Parthenium, Naseer Iqnaa

O livro é baseado em uma pesquisa realizada em 2005. Na época o assunto era novo e com poucas referências. A utilização ... więcej

Remedial aspects of plants are owing to existence of secondary metabolites that act as armaments to shield plant body besides trepidation organisms. It ... więcej

Wildfire Management in Terms of Project Management of Sentinel Asia, Kaku Kazuya
Motivational Factors Influencing Teaching (FIT) as a Career Choice, Rashid Sumaira

Wildfires are occurring globally and causing a serious impact at both a regional and a global level, and accordingly bear a substantial influence on global ... więcej

The aim behind this Research was to identify the factors which encourage teachers to continue teaching profession, by contributing to their job satisfaction ... więcej

The Performance of Cultural Identity in Disney Animation, Yeoh Geraldine
Open Learning, Educational Development and Empowerment, Silva Adilia Suzette Feio

Disney feature film animations adapt fairytales and folklore of various cultures, leading to questions about the authenticity of the text as well as ... więcej

At the time this research was conducted, OLSET's "English in Action" (EIA) programme worked with large numbers of foundation phase learners and teachers ... więcej

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