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The Diamond Necklace, Dedanwala Turab
Pursuit, Owens John C.

The story is fiction based on a Muslim family. It deals with issues of strong relationships. It deals with the issues of faith. It deals with issues related ... więcej

Detective Lou Decker's life is in disarray. Since the death of his wife, questionable actions on the job as a detective have led to his suspension. ... więcej

Why?, Palmer Ron Prehn
74 Ways To Measure Time, Schori Ehud

An eye-opening saga revolving around the fifty-year ongoing guerrilla conflict between mid-eastern nations, Palestine and Israel. The United Nations and ... więcej

The day was February 14. The time was 16:59 when the operator answered my phone call, but it was just after 17:04 when I heard the voice of the man I ... więcej

Elva's Quest, Downing Warren
Back Door to Mars, Martin Thomas E.

Having fled her homeland where her life was in danger, Elva explores the lands outside the Kingdom of Ari, trying to find her place in foreign lands. ... więcej

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST REBORN begins in North Carolina USA around the mid 21st century. John Cayman is a thirty-year-old college professor, who teaches a graduate-level ... więcej

100 Physical Education Activities, O'Driscoll Denis
Why God Created Man, Paul Okwi

Simple, safe, enjoyable and fuss-free, 100 Physical Education. Activities are an invaluable resource for teachers, parents, or anyone looking to occupy ... więcej

Why God Created man: Understanding God's Original Idea is intended to challenge the long-held view that man was created to worship God. This book has ... więcej

All Types of Conflict Can Be Resolved, Brown Hezekiah
On The Wings Of A Sleepless Knight, Jones Lee

"This book gives one a myriad of tools to resolve conflicts, as well as his hands-on experience as an arbitrator, mediator, and teacher. There are many ... więcej

On the Wings of a Sleepless Knight is the story of my singular passion for flying starting from the first moment I saw an episode of "Sky King" to beginning ... więcej

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