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Little Bear And Honey Bee, Mackey Esther L.

Little Bear and Honey Bee live in the woods. They like living there because there is always something for them to do with their friends. You know- the ... więcej

"Do you know any leprechauns?" Molly asked her daddy. "Of course!" "What's their name?" "Oh! Ummm...Jimmy." "I can't wait to see him!" cried Molly Marie. ... więcej

The Epsilon Wish, Coxwell Joe T.
Shadowfax, Lockwood Bruce L.

Professor Diggz Dorin is not just another tomb raider. She's a planet-hopping exoarcheologist skilled in unearthing alien artifacts.  While tunneling ... więcej

".....something was out there in the diaphanous night." A private sailing yacht...mid-Gulf of Mexico... dead of night...a crew of nonuniformed US Coastguardsmen. ... więcej

Russell Gentry And His Dog Named Peg, Sellers Kathy Lacey
Andrew's Christmas Dream, Head Jean

Russell Gentry and his dog named Peg is a story of a young boy's struggle with the yearnings of his heart. He yearns for a prize-winning rabbit dog and ... więcej

Dreams are never "ordinary happenings." This is true in "Andrew's Christmas Dream."This story is about four siblings going on a trip to the North Pole ... więcej

Flutterby, George Ellen
Overboard in Lake Onterio, Oschmann Carol

Come enjoy the delightful journey of a little girl, who loves to play in her father's flower gardens. Butterflies, soon become her very special friends ... więcej

Ever wanted to own a marina, play around the water, and boats all day? Tom Huge did. He had a chance but lost everything, ending up in a foster home. He ... więcej

I Saw A Bully Behind The Curtain, Jolivert Immaculine
Memories and Prayers, Douglas Brenda

Bullying is a serious issue. Many children are scared about going to school or making friends. It can affect their academic performance; their social and ... więcej

This is a love story. It is one of nostalgia, joy, honor, and friendship as the reader looks back over the lives of Jan and Daniel Clay. Daniel has Alzheimer's ... więcej

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