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The Brickyard Murders, McCarty Danny J.
Some Pigs Can Fly, Mannion Mary

Readers of "The Brickyard Murders" will be steeped in suspense while trying to figure out this murder mystery. In a usually quiet area of Calhoun County ... więcej

Priscilla Philpott has grown up on a farm in Ireland with her three little brothers and loving parents Mother Pig and Father Pig. She’s always been ... więcej

Mystery in Troutburg Harbor, Oschmann Carol
Flutterby, George Ellen

Tom is without a home. Can his ability to bottom paint a boat lead to a home? How about his knowledge of boats in general? Maybe his knowledge of the ... więcej

Come enjoy the delightful journey of a little girl, who loves to play in her father's flower gardens. Butterflies, soon become her very special friends ... więcej

Memories and Prayers, Douglas Brenda
The Lamb Who Counted Clouds, Jolivert Immaculine

This is a love story. It is one of nostalgia, joy, honor, and friendship as the reader looks back over the lives of Jan and Daniel Clay. Daniel has Alzheimer's ... więcej

Join the little lamb on his amazing quest as he chases his dream to count every cloud in the entire world.His journey is filled with ups and downs as he ... więcej

Flowers and Bubbles, Siegel L. M. S. W. Allison C.
Growing Up Rural and League of Invisible Men, Lockwood Bruce

Welcome to Nana and Grandpa Sol's flower shop called Flowers and Bubbles. Their grandson, Charlie, learns many important lessons while helping at the shop. ... więcej

Growing up in the country, Bruce's early encounter with a policeman's shiny revolver subconsciously directed his life toward many unusual adventures and ... więcej

I Saw A Bully Behind The Curtain, Jolivert Immaculine
You Don't Need A Bulldozer To Move A Mountain, Proctor Donelle Lang

Bullying is a serious issue. Many children are scared about going to school or making friends. It can affect their academic performance; their social and ... więcej

Here are simple true stories from Donelle's life. Each devotion shows God's love and guidance. Donelle reminds us that we do not need a bulldozer to move ... więcej

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