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Kierkegaard and the Crisis of Faith, Pattison George
American Theological Inquiry, Volume Six, Issue Two,

The standing of the Danish philosopher and religious thinker Søren Kierkegaard has gone up in recent years. Yet because he regarded communication ... więcej

"Description: American Theological Inquiry (ATI) reaches thousands of Christian scholars, clergy, and other interested parties, primarily in the U.S. and ... więcej

The Trace of the Face in the Politics of Jesus, Koyles John Patrick
Liberating Speech-Today, Anderson Raymond Kemp

About the Contributor(s): John Koyles is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Midland College in Midland, Texas.

In the wake of the furious demonstrations and debates evoked by terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, Dr. Anderson's pithy essays unfold respectful ... więcej

Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul,
Ex Auditu - Volume 26,

New Testament studies are witnessing many exciting developments. And Douglas Campbell's groundbreaking publications are an important contribution to future ... więcej

CONTENTS: Introduction Klyne Snodgrass ""In Him All Things Hold Together"": An Ecology of Atonement William P. Brown Response to Brown Michael LeFebvre Effecting ... więcej

Principled Worship, Hamstra Sam Jr.
Giving Wings to the Soul, Ngien Dennis

Description: In this volume Sam Hamstra--a veteran resident pastor responsible for planning worship--catalogues and describes twenty-nine biblical principles ... więcej

A sequel to A Faith Worth Believing, Living and Commendation, Giving Wings to the Soul is the compilation of Dr. Ngien's sermons or speeches, devotional ... więcej

You Mean I Don't Have to Tithe?, Croteau David A.
Reformation Letters, Parsons Michael

Tithing is a well-known church practice in our day and age, but do church-goers really practice it? When did the concept of tithing begin? How is it justified? ... więcej

Reformation Letters is a detailed look at John Calvin's letters, which were mostly of a pastoral nature. These were letters that define the Reformation ... więcej

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