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Pewzer's Wake, Breedlove Helen
Evil Wake, Hundley Willoughby III

In the summer of 1956, there is little for Sheriff LeRoy Chalmer to do in the law abiding county seat with a population of no more than two thousand. All ... więcej

Fifty-six-year-old Dr. Obie Hardy is an ER physician and part-time medical examiner in rural Virginia celebrating the end of a long week when he is summoned ... więcej

Bimini Man, Jonnard C. M.
Bimini Man
82,70 zł 78,60 zł
Employee to Entrepreneur, Mulvehill Suzanne

When a job is too hot or too sensitive for the world

If you want to make a successful transition in the least amount of time, Employee to Entrepreneur is for you. Whether you have tried to start your own ... więcej

Thy Boys, Rath J. Arthur
A Guidebook to Religious and Spiritual Practices for People who Work with People, Grant Ph.D. Nancy K.

This book is about liberal arts and Hamilton College's footprints in four centuries; personal experiences describe challenges and outcomes of an elite ... więcej

This book contains a description of a variety of religions, the title of the religious leader, days held sacred, beliefs related to health and illness ... więcej

Metamorphosed, Bryant Gerry Fraser
Scenarios for Singles, Richardson Annette

One fateful day, Gary suddenly believes he has woken from a dream and discovers that he has undergone a metamorphosis . Keenly aware of his newly acquired ... więcej

Today's Christian singles are as complex and multi-faceted as the numerous challenges they consistently encounter. In Scenarios for Singles , Ms. Richardson ... więcej

Reflective Journeys, Kassabgi George
ElderSpeak, Reynolds MD James L.

A continuation to the author’s previous collections subtitled ‘ Methuselah’ , and ‘ Architeuthis’ , an exploration of philosophical ... więcej

There are many words relating to old age, aging, and the elderly, and this compendium of words seeks to help you understand almost two thousand of them. ... więcej

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