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The Saga of Eric Brighteyes - Illustrated, Haggard H. Rider
Beatrice, Haggard H. Rider

TOLKIEN'S BOOKSHELF #6: THE SAGA OF ERIC BRIGHTEYES - ILLUSTRATED. Rider Haggard is among a small selection of Victorian and Edwardian writers whom ... więcej

The autumn afternoon was fading into evening. It had been cloudy weather, but the clouds had softened and broken up. Now they were lost in slowly darkening ... więcej

Allan's Wife, Haggard H. Rider
The Wizard (Classic Reprint), Haggard H. Rider

It may be remembered that in the last pages of his diary, written just before his death, Allan Quatermain makes allusion to his long dead wife, stating ... więcej

Excerpt from The Wizard At this moment something caused him to look a second time at Thomas Owen. He was leaning fo'rward in his place listening eagerly ... więcej

She, Haggard H. Rider
50,00 zł 47,50 zł
She, Haggard H. Rider
116,70 zł 110,90 zł

H. Rider Haggard's classic African adventure novel.

H. Rider Haggard's classic African adventure novel.

Historical Adventures, Haggard H. Rider
Doctor Therne (Classic Reprint), Haggard H. Rider

The third volume of a great historical fiction series There are few who have heard of H. Rider Haggard's novels who do not know his principal character-Allan ... więcej

Excerpt from Doctor Therne The importance of the issue to those helpless children from Whom the State has thus Withdrawn its shield, is this writer's ... więcej

The People of the Mist (Classic Reprint), Haggard H. Rider
The Last Boer War, Haggard H. Rider

Excerpt from The People of the Mist Crocodile fashioned in wood, to which offerings were made. Further, this journal says that among these people (as ... więcej

The Last Boer War. AUTHORS NOTE. IT has been suggested that at this juncture some students of South African history might be glad to read an ... więcej

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