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The Poor and the Land, Haggard H. Rider
The First Book of Ayesha-She & Ayesha, Haggard H. Rider

Sir Henry Rider Haggard KBE (1856-1925), born in Norfolk, England, was a Victorian writer of adventure novels set in locations considered exotic by readers ... więcej

All four classic novels of She-who must be obeyed-in two special volumes Rider Haggard's fantastic tales out of Africa have few peers. His first novel ... więcej

Adventures in the Ancient World, Haggard H. Rider
The Ghost Kings, Haggard H. Rider

The second volume in this stunning series of adventures in the distant past Rider Haggard is one of the most famous authors of adventure fiction in the ... więcej

The Zulus about here have a strange story of a white girl who in Dingaan's day was supposed to 'hold the spirit' of some legendary goddess of theirs who ... więcej

Allan Quatermain #9, Haggard H. Rider
Morning Star (Classic Reprint), Haggard H. Rider

Before there was Indiana Jones there was Allan Quartermain: the original explorer, treasure hunter, and adventurer. The Quartermain books have captivated ... więcej

Excerpt from Morning Star At any rate, so believing, in the hope that it may interest readers of today, I have ventured to discover and present one such ... więcej

The Virgin of the Sun (Classic Reprint), Haggard H. Rider
Montezuma's Daughter, Haggard H. Rider

Excerpt from The Virgin of the Sun There are some who find great interest, and even con solation, amid the worries and anxieties of life in the collection ... więcej

The strange adventures and escapes of Thomas Wingfield, half English and half Spanish, in the years after Cortes's conquest of Mexico.

The Witch's Head, a Novel, Haggard H. Rider
Stella Fregelius, Haggard H. Rider

Excerpt from The Witch's Head, a Novel: Allan's Wife Mr. Cardus hesitated a little before he s oke again, tap ping his white fingers nervously ou the ... więcej

Excerpt from Stella Fregelius: A Tale of Three Destinies These, as the dreamer learned, must be far otherwise attained, whether in truth and spirit, or ... więcej

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