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Passionate Sociology, Game Ann
A Study Guide for Beatriz Rivera's

This challenging and inspiring textbook sets out to excite students with an account of what sociology can achieve to help them understand their own lives ... więcej

A Study Guide for Beatriz Rivera's "African Passions," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot ... więcej

See & Control Demons & Pains, Qureshi Rizwan
A Passing World (1897), Belloc Bessie Rayner

The author writes all his personal knowledge, experiences and 100% true information about Demons, Pains and diseases in this book. The author suggested ... więcej

A Passing World is a collection of poems written by Bessie Rayner Belloc and published in 1897. The book contains a total of 58 poems that explore various ... więcej

Reactancia Psicológica Y Actitudes Ante Las Nuevas TIC, Guillen Garcia Henrry
From Under a Rock, Duncan Colleen Simms

RESUMEN El propósito de la investigación es establecer la relación entre la Reactancia Psicológica y Actitudes Antelas Nuevas ... więcej

After nearly thirty years of constant depression, Colleen finally decided the pain and uselessness of her life had to end. She knew she would go to hell ... więcej

Daniel Sickles, Boulard Garry
Monograph On PRP In Hair Rejuvenation And Various Hair Disorders, Singh Sukhbir

The name Daniel Sickles and the word controversy are synonymous. Any student of 19th century American political history is familiar with Sickles' 1859 ... więcej

This book is a Monograph on PRP written by Dr Sukhbir Singh. Hair loss is an epidemic problem which has increased in quantum in both sexes over the past ... więcej

The Naturalist's Manual - Containing Descriptions of the Nests and Eggs of North American Birds (Turdidae - Tanagridae) also, Instructions for Collecting and Preserving Birds, Nests, Eggs and Insects, Davie Oliver
Letters to My People, Torres Anthony

This vintage book contains a collection of recipes for making a variety of interesting beverages, with clear and practical directions for mixing all kinds ... więcej

Letters to My People is a story of hope and redemption for those finding themselves lost in addiction . It's a collection of letters chronicling over ... więcej

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