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Decision Making Models and Kenya's Foreign Policy, Gwada Linda
The Westminster Alice (Classic Reprint), Munro Hector H.

Kenya's foreign policy has always been influenced by the different administrations in power. There has been interrelations between the leader of the administration ... więcej

Excerpt from The Westminster Alice Alice, Child with dreaming eyes, Noting things that come to pass Turvey-wise in Wonderland Backwards through a looking-glass. ... więcej

The Impact of Tus Ad on the European Union Relations of Turkey, Soysal Emre
Foreign Legislation on the Merchant Marine. Letter Before the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate, Sixty Third Congress, Third Session, Transmitting Certain Material Which the Legislative Reference Division of the Library of Congress Has Gathered, Service Library of Congress. Legislativ

This book examines TÜSİAD and its impacts on Turkey- EU relations as both a civil society organization and as an actor of foreign policy for ... więcej

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced ... więcej

My Sermon-Notes, Spurgeon Charles Haddon
A World to Mend, 1920, Sherwood Margaret Pollock

Excerpt from My Sermon-Notes: A Selection From Outlines of Discourses, Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, With Anecdotes and Illustrations These ... więcej

Excerpt from A World to Mend, 1920: The Journal of a Working Man Robinson Crusoe on his island was not more alone. After all, this New England town with ... więcej

Prospectus of the Guild of Builders (London) Limited, Builders London Guild of
Five O'clock, Clairville Charles

Excerpt from Prospectus of the Guild of Builders (London) Limited: A Self Governing Democracy of Organised Public Service Based Upon the National Federation ... więcej

Excerpt from Five O'clock: Saynète en Vers Libres Un salon élégamment meublé, préparé comme pour un jour de ... więcej

The Essex Institute Historical Collections, 1901, Vol. 37 (Classic Reprint), Institute Essex
Hardwicke's Science-Gossip, Vol. 22, Cooke M. C.

Excerpt from The Essex Institute Historical Collections, 1901, Vol. 37 Dec. 19th. Arrives from Bombay H. B. M. Brig Panther,' a cruiser, Captain Court ... więcej

Excerpt from Hardwicke's Science-Gossip, Vol. 22: An Illustrated Medium of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers of Nature HE necessity to pen ... więcej

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