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San Juan Sunrise, Lehner Edward J.
Footprints - Walk With Me, Adams Signe

Jenny was raised, along with her twin brother, in a commune in northern California. Her life there had become a living nightmare from parental neglect ... więcej

This book is a personal and openhearted account of Signe Adams's spiritual and physical journey through life and how a serious cancer illness became a ... więcej

Taking the Mask Off, Pfeffer Cortland

Have you ever noticed that your success, work, and relationships often seem to be sabotaged? That may be because it is actually true. There is a dark ... więcej

Cortland Pfeffer spent years as a patient in psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, and jails before becoming a registered nurse and working in the ... więcej

Larry, Pastor Cora
Life Beyond Shame, Dawson Ph.D. Connie

Larry Jewell lost his father at age thirteen, and his world fell apart. He became a wild, unrestrained young man. However, nine days before his twenty-first ... więcej

We've lived for eons with a set of rules guiding how we have relationships with one another. These Old Rules have, without question, been inadvertently ... więcej

Coloring into Serenity Mandalas, Cooke Jody
The Habit of Happiness, Bradshaw Kanti Michelle

Fifty mandalas to color- fifty opportunities to relax and let the tensions of the day fade as you focus on symbols of nature and geometry. Let your analytical ... więcej

You can have a happier life.      The habit of happiness is a comprehensive and practical guide designed to change you life. A holistic ... więcej

The Perfect Family Storm, Reimers PH.D. Cathy L.
Louisiana Cajun Girl, Hankins Donna

Do you feel overwhelmed as you watch your child, teen, adult child-or even yourself-spiral out of control? Is your family being torn apart by stress? Are ... więcej

The wet lands of Louisiana hold many secrets. In this spiritual, paranormal, romance, a young Cajun girl, Marcie, a tomboy raised by her parents on the ... więcej

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