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Andrzej Wajda, Falkowska Janina
Remembering Violence,

The work of Andrzej Wajda, one of the world's most important filmmakers, shows remarkable cohesion in spite of the wide ranging scope of his films, as ... więcej

This collection of consistently interesting articles contributes to the very boom in studies of memory towards which the editors ambiguously claim some ... więcej

Blood and Oranges, Lawrence Christopher M.
Territorial Revisionism and the Allies of Germany in the Second World War, Cattaruzza Marina

"This is a book well worth reading... [it] offers a comprehensive background to the studied society and the complex social relationships at all levels ... więcej

A few years after the Nazis came to power in Germany, an alliance of states and nationalistic movements formed, revolving around the German axis. That ... więcej

The Legacies of a Hawaiian Generation, Schachter Judith
Anxious Histories, Silverstein Jordana

Through the voices and perspectives of the members of an extended Hawaiian family, or `ohana, this book tells the story of North American imperialism ... więcej

"[This book] addresses an extremely difficult and complex theme, one which (to my knowledge) has not been focused on in a sustained way before: the pedagogy ... więcej

The State and the Arts,
Challenging Ethnic Citizenship, Yun Franklin Hum

Judith Kapferer and her collaborators present an insightful volume that interrogates relations between the state and the arts in diverse national and cultural ... więcej

""Well documented, but slim and readable, even for general adult readers."" · Choice ".sophisticated and highly informative.The authors and topics ... więcej

Experiencing Wages,
Jewish Medical Resistance in the Holocaust,

"This is a volume that is to be welcomed both for providing new and intersint findings, that suggest new answers to old questions, and for opening new ... więcej

"[A] brilliant scholarly piece of work, very well written, underpinned with rich sources. The list of authors - some of them survivors, or children of ... więcej

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