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The Centurion's Woman (1), Flieder Amanda
Pathway Through Peril, Thibert Agnes H.

Alexandria "Alex" Moldovan fell asleep at a work retreat and woke up in the same place, just not in the right time. The situation improves when she's inadvertently ... więcej

For the colonies of Mennonites living in the fertile, prosperous part of Russia known as the Ukraine in the early twentieth century, life was idyllic. ... więcej

The Human Body Instruction Manual, Wright Michael
Wolf's Run, Becker Maximilian

This manual is provided when you purchase your first human from us at Human Inc. Humans are very fascinating creatures, but understanding what a human ... więcej

After a terrible incident, Wolf flees from his remote village, pursued by the lord's men. He's joined by his best friend and a bizarre female warrior from ... więcej

Home, Stang CC
Your Digital Undertaker, Hartung Sharon

HOME- a series of short stories encouraging us to connect with what home means to us. It offers vignettes through a cast of characters in a variety of ... więcej

If you are an adult Canadian who uses e-mail and surfs the internet, this book is for you. In a unique and humorous way, this former military officer and ... więcej

Some Observations of the Human Kind, Ramjohn Sheer
Choosing, Jeffery Corinne

By writing this book, it was my intention to present anecdotal events occurring on a daily basis which play a role in shaping our world. Ideas and scenarios ... więcej

Choosing, book three of Corinne Jeffery's Understanding Ursula series, concludes the heart-wrenching story of five generations of the controversial and ... więcej

The Broken Silence, Javed Mohammed
We Are Kids Too, Blessington Karen

At a time in history when fear of 'the other' has become commonplace, The Broken Silence is a timely book that shows a glimpse in the timeline of how Islam ... więcej

DANNY AND EMILY ARE KIDS. But not human kids. They are horses! Come join Danny and Emily, the Clydesdale kids, on their real life adventures! Meet their ... więcej

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