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DOE Fundamentals Handbook - Material Science (Volume 2 of 2), Department of Energy U.S.
Divine Consolations, Richardson Samuel

The Material Science Handbook was developed to assist nuclear facility operating contractors in providing operators, maintenance personnel, and the technical ... więcej

Christ crucified, the sum and substance of the Gospel; the Priesthood of Christ, and the sufficiency of his Sacrifice to save, is the main thing I contend ... więcej

The Hawk Chronicles, Martin Charles W.
Kindergarten Redshirting, Dougan Ph.D Kelli L.

The author of the Hawk Chronicles provides a personification of his resident hawk with poems and photos taken over a two year period.

This informative book compiles the latest research on kindergarten redshirting. This guide will help parents become knowledgeable about this crucial educational ... więcej

Pax NATO, Millen Raymond a.

Even though you have probably heard some of these vintage but valuable leadership lessons before, listen to the sense of purpose, passion and powerful ... więcej

Considering its long string of successes, it is curious that NATO has so many critics chanting the mantra of irrelevancy or decrying its post-Cold War ... więcej

Selected Virginia Revolutionary War Records, vol 1, Creel Bevin
The Commandments of God, Lee Summer

This is the first in a series of volumes of transcribed Virginia war records from the Revolutionary War time period. Volume 1 includes complete transcriptions ... więcej

Thousands of years ago, Moses was given the stone tablets with God's Commandments. They were kept in the Ark of the Covenant for a time, but they're no ... więcej

Monster Kid Origins, Counelis Paul
WARRIORS, Mulvihill Queenae  Taylor

EVERYONE who loves horror starts somewhere. For many, it's with the classic icons of the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS. For some, it's the colorful wit of the SCOOBY-DOO ... więcej

In 1994 a small Los Angeles based film crew traveled to East Africa to begin shooting the film production of the award-winning film, MAANGAMIZI - THE ANCIENT ... więcej

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