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Imperfect Forgiveness, Wheaton Alice
The Hustle-Free Business, Birks Amy

The goal of life is to be happy and it is difficult to experience joy and happiness if our spirit is compromised with anger and resentment. There are ... więcej

Coaches learn how to have a successful business by working less and having fun.

Permission Granted, Cone' Marcia A.
Be Who You Are, Brandmeier Jimmy

Grant yourself permission to be more successful!

Based on the song of the same name written by a dad who loves his teenage daughters, Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children is a practical course in ... więcej

Growing Weeders Into Leaders, McManus Jeff
Impromptu Friday Nights, Kenny Paul J.

An inspiring look into the practices that cultivate greatness from the ground up.

A "recipe" for anyone daunted by the challenge of hosting dinner parties.

Too Good To Go Too Bad To Stay, King Joanne
Vision, D'Angelo Gordon

Too Good to Go, Too Bad to Stay is a simple, comprehensive guide that offers a 5-step plan to help men and women heal from a toxic relationship, and ... więcej

'Vision: Your Pathway to Victory' is deeply intelligent, yet simplistically easy guide that exhibits how to obtain specific results. Using a unique process ... więcej

Run To The Roar, Forbes Randy
Return of the Gold, Bickley Dan

This book was designed as a motivational tool to inspire individuals to take a proactive stance in their lives, attacking fears in a positive manor in ... więcej

Six years after Michael Jordan won his last NBA championship, American basketball hit rock bottom.  The perception of NBA players reached an all-time ... więcej

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