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Titanic Survivor, Jessop Violet
Modern Sex,

Violet Jessop survived the sinking of both the Titanic and Britannic, and her lively and well-rounded memoir including her first-hand account of the ... więcej

These beautifully written essays add up to the deepest, most informative appraisal we have of how and why the sexual revolution has failed. "Compelling ... więcej

Its Head Came Off by Accident, Mead-Ferro Muffy
Letters to a Young Academic, McPherson Guy R.

A humorous, yet poignant reflection on gratitude and loss about a childhood that takes place on a vast Wyoming landscape where the author grew up with ... więcej

In this book, Guy R. McPherson feeds a sophisticated audience hungry for practical, inspirational, and witty advice. He begins by answering the question ... więcej

Supporting Muslim Students, Mahalingappa Laura
The Most Important Work,

This book is a practical guide for educators who are working with Muslim youth in PK-12 schools to understand issues that may impact Muslim students ... więcej

This collection of essays reflects the desire and determination guiding many practitioners and researchers as they work together in more meaningful, ... więcej

The Cure FAQ, Gerard Christian
African Americans in the U.S. Economy, Conrad Cecilia

The Cure FAQ is a complete analysis of the band’s forty-plus year career, delving into each one of their albums with fresh commentary and insight. ... więcej

The forty-three chapters in African Americans in the U.S. Economy focus on various aspects of the economic status of African Americans, past and present. ... więcej

A Life in Balance, Wolff Meg
Playing Ourselves, Peers Laura

The first title in Down East Books' 'Best Maine Food' series, this inspirational cookbook proves that good food fosters good health. When conventional ... więcej

Across North America, hundreds of reconstructed Oliving historyO sites, which traditionally presented history from a primarily European perspective, have ... więcej

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