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Scientific Pioneers, Tang Joyce
Shrink Rap, Kassan Lee D.

This book critically examines the career development of female scientific pioneers. Drawing from existing biographical and ethnographical data, author ... więcej

Therapists are always willing to write and talk about cases, but somewhat reluctant to expose themselves and their experiences. In this book, however, ... więcej

The Jokes of Sigmund Freud, Oring Elliott
Impossible, Louison Cole

The Jokes of Sigmund Freud unravels the intimate connections between Sigmund Freud and his Jewish identity. Author Elliott Oring observes that Freud frequently ... więcej

The Impossible aims to get skateboarding right. Journalist Cole Louison gets inside the history, culture, and major personalities of skating.

Lolita, Schiff Stephen
We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us Against, Hoffman Nicholas von

Foreword by Jeremy Irons, preface by Adrian Lyne. Based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Schiff tells the astounding story behind the most controversial ... więcej

Books about the sixties have proliferated in recent years, but none has surpassed Nicholas von Hoffman's classic account of the 1960s counter-culture in ... więcej

A Board Game Education, Hinebaugh Jeffrey P.
Unhappy Soldier, Rosenfeld David M

A Board Game Education is an entertaining and valuable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and anyone who appreciates the fun and entertainment ... więcej

Unhappy Soldier chronicles the writings of Hino Ashihei, Japan's most popular World War II writer. Ashihei rose to national celebrity status during the ... więcej

Using Humor to Maximize Learning, Morrison Mary Kay
Master Teachers, Chapin Dexter

What is humor exactly? How do you use it to maximize learning? If it is so important, why is it rarely mentioned in teacher preparation without some clues ... więcej

The No Child Left Behind legislation, by legitimizing a stark, one-size-fits-all, industrial model of education, has denied the inherent complexity and ... więcej

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