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Between Fathers and Sons, Smith Michael
Collected Poems, Smith Michael
Collected Poems
84,70 zł 80,50 zł

The relationship between fathers and sons is among the most wounded in society today. Helping to heal it is one of the most urgent tasks facing families ... więcej

Michael Smith was born in Dublin in 1942, and is well-known for his poetry, his editorial work, his translations of Spanish poetry (many of them for Shearsman ... więcej

This Haunted Isle, Smith Michael
Go Naked, Smith Michael

This Haunted Isle is an exploration into the realm of parapsychology. It investigates the origins of parapsychology, why people believe they may have ... więcej

The selling environment and role of the sales professional have changed. Forever. Gone are the days when the organisation, the product, or the solutions ... więcej

A Complete Life, Smith Michael
A Complete Life
152,10 zł 144,50 zł
Go Naked - Revealing the Secrets of Successful Selling, Smith Michael

It's time for A Complete Life! Are you looking for more than the average run of the mill relationship? Do you wish your partner would pull your hair, drag ... więcej

Forget the traditional model of selling which says that you should focus first on the transaction or the sale. It's outdated thinking and there is another ... więcej

Consider Your Ways, Smith Michael
The Role of Experiential Learning in Advancing Managerial Thinking, Smith Michael

We are in what the Bible calls the “end times”. Many Christians become distressed and worried about what is going to happen. Let me assure ... więcej

A Geographical View of the Province of Upper Canada and Promiscuous Remarks on the Government, in Two Parts, With an Appendix, Smith Michael
Prayers for the Dead and Other Poems, Smith Michael

Excerpt from A Geographical View of the Province of Upper Canada and Promiscuous Remarks on the Government, in Two Parts, With an Appendix: Containing ... więcej

This is Michael Smith's first collection since his Collected Poems of 2009, and is an elegiac volume. As the author says: "Let me try to define prayer ... więcej

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