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True Love, Alan Priscilla
Eternal Love, Barber Doreen S.

In a world where we use the word love every day, why is it that so many dont have a clear understanding of what it really is? What is it all about, and ... więcej

This book explores God’s unconditional love and how He uses it to bring hope, healing and restoration. As broken and heartsick people, our views ... więcej

The Earth Belongs to All of Us, Stanowicz-Freeman Mary
Pride and Perpetration, Tyson Wayne

If you find yourself complaining about water shortages, utility costs, global warming, garbage dumps (on land and in the sea), ozone layer depletion, ... więcej

Doing for Jane Austen what Malaria did for travel in Asia, Pride and Perpetration is a story that includes improbable adventures, a very odd druid, and ... więcej

Character Building, Boeglin Jim
The Transient, the Emperor, and the Man Left Alone, Harrell Jacob

Pick any letter of the alphabet, and youll find building blocks of character. For instance, A is all about attitude, authority, authenticity, and awareness. ... więcej

Derren Washington's life has never amounted to much, and lately it has become boring and stale. Sure, he does well for himself. He has a job, a place to ... więcej

The Enriching, Streeter Kathleen
Solving for X in the Y Domain, Walters PhD Gae

'p'The Enriching is a fantasy that takes place in the deep South in the year 1934. It is the story of Tobias Valentine, an 8-year-old boy with skin the ... więcej

Increasingly, albeit in small numbers, women are overcoming the forces that have prevented qualified women from entering the executive suites of organizations. ... więcej

Grappling with Legacy, Brown Sylvia
Once Upon a Time, Hanson Dick

“This is a fascinating and intellectually honest work about a remarkable family that has played a major role in the history of Providence and Rhode ... więcej

Moral values are under attack. Although the United States of America was established with a firm position on Christian values and morality—on the ... więcej

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