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Doing Research in Business & Management, Remenyi Dan
Research Supervision for Supervisors and their Students. 2nd Edition, Remenyi Dan
A Dictionary of Research Terms and Issues, Remenyi Dan
Blood on the Book, Remenyi Dan
Blood on the Book
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Academic research is a different world to that which is normally encountered in everyday life and as such it has a unique set of concepts and issues with ... więcej

Driven by good intentions and with a little help from an obscure Order of Monks in Italy, Professor Finn Kelly, Ireland’s leading mediaevalist finds ... więcej

Social Media and Digital Scholarship Handbook, Remenyi Dan
The Story of Steve, Remenyi Dan

The Story of Steve is a biography and a ghost story set in various parts of the world including the slums of World War 2 Dublin and the plush life of colonial ... więcej

Doing Research in Business and Management, Remenyi Dan
Henley Management College, Remenyi Dan

The first management development institute in the UK and at one time with probably the largest number of MBA students in the world, Henley Management College ... więcej

An MBA Voyage of Discovery, Remenyi Dan
An Introduction to Statistics using Microsoft Excel 2nd Edition, Remenyi Dan

This book addresses the thorny question of What is an MBA really about? It does this by describing a personal journey through the degree programme at ... więcej

The handling of numbers in arithmetic and the progression into the more abstract field of mathematics and statistics is generally approached poorly in ... więcej

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